November, 1992. I saw her and fell in love with her!

This was the first time I met this marvellous type of terriers.

I immediately decided to have such a wonderful creature by any means.

At that time, the tails of sealyham terriers were shortened or cut off in Europe.
Imagine two little short-legged self-confident puppies weighing only 3 kilos each with tails pointing to the sky.

It took almost a year to get my first terrier, Bonny, who came from the Verbena kennel, Poland.
Her official name was Bohem Rapsody Verbena and she was the first sealyham terrier of the Kindergarten kennel.

Six months later I got my second sealyham terrier from Poland, Muselka Sfora Doktora, whom we just called Sindy.

And it was when my story with sealyhams began...

Thanks for the help and support of Anna Gersner (Kennel L'Lawhaden) and Sally Sweatt ( Kennel Bushaway).

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